Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Opening Night: Apron Strings

Tonight sees the official opening of the Film Festival with the world premiere of Apron Strings, picked (I assume) because of the weight of the subject and relevance to New Zealand – concerning as it does the stories of two New Zealand families from contrasting backgrounds – one ‘anglo’ and the other Sikh. The sort of contemporary fare familiar to us Brits – in the ilk of The Buddha of Suburbia, and Bend it Like Beckham and very relevant in New Zealand now. I'll be curious to read the feedback and reviews from anyone that watches the film as the internet is fairly barren at the moment - even IMDB!

My own viewing starts tommorrow with ‘In Bruges’ a British Gangster flick set in Belgium. According to the Festival brochure playwright Martin McDonagh brings a 'black Irish wit to a post-Pulp Fiction genre' - who could resist that?

I'll be posting my review tommorrow...

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